All features at a glance

Support the further development and digitization of your modern and customer-oriented consumer journey with qnips. Benefit from the latest features and integrations, all in one platform!

Laptop, view of the home page of the catering portal with new openings, news, menu selection and reservation sections

Digital Marketing

With qnips, you get the most important tools for marketing and design combined on one platform. Easily create attractive content and campaigns for your guests. Use campaign reports and customer feedback by evaluating them clearly with just a few clicks.

View of 3 mobile phones side by side, 1st mobile phone: pre-order page of the catering portal, 2nd mobile phone: payment options on the catering portal, choice between Google Pay, Apple Pay or credit card, 3rd mobile phone: order status

Preorder online

Enable the fast and location-independent processing of pre-orders and pick-up with a digital ordering process via app or web. Delight your guests and let them put together their own dishes using the snack configurator.

Mobile phone, view of payment options on the catering portal, on the present view choice between Google Pay, Apple Pay or credit card

Mobile Payment

Simplify the payment processes for your customers by integrating online payment providers such as PayPal, Google Pay or Apple Pay. You can also use payments by credit card or online prepaid credit as well as digital receipts.

2 mobile phones with screenshots of the loyalty points/stamp card actions on the CateringPortal, display of the user's score

Loyal customers

Use product- and sales-based loyalty systems to strengthen customer loyalty. Delight your guests with instant discounts and bonus programs. Collect all important coupons & cashback data on your digital customer card.

Laptop, menu view of a complete week, divided into a daily, dish, allergen icons, nutriscore and price overview

Attractive menu display

Manage all menus and assortments centrally via an interface to your merchandise management system. Simply add allergen- and nutritional-information and generate all menus as ePaper or PDF for digital signage and email.

Digital signage, i.e. large screen with the food overview of the daily menu on Wednesday 7.09. + LED stele, i.e. large screen with view of the news as well as the user's shopping basket

Digital Signage

Simplify self-service and ordering for your guests on site. Automate digital food labeling with qnips. Control all content centrally for digital menu boards, steles, touch displays and order kiosks.

View of the qnips dashboard for master data management

Systematic data management

With qnips, you benefit from central master data, location and user administration. Coordinate visitor flows by integrating people counters and occupancy displays online and on-site. Get an individually tailored software solution thanks to our modular concept.

Vending machine in black with meals and drinks

Automatic vending

Offer your guests the possibility to pay for and pick up food and beverages outside the company restaurant. qnips enables various solutions for take-away systems and the integration of vending machines at the point-of-sale, such as the Food Zuply system by INNOVEND B.V.